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Is guys wearing sandals/flip flops symbolic of a rebellious attitude?

In the movie "Office Space" they portray that when the guy comes to work in flip flops he is showing a bad, rebellious, not caring much side of himself. Somewhat of a "gangsta". (me I like wearing sandals so I don't care either way) Just curious what your opinions are on this?

Is guys wearing sandals/flip flops symbolic of a rebellious attitude?
No, just a guy being casual.
Reply:thats only because his office has business attire and flip flops are casual wear. just cuz you wear flip flops to the beach or on the weekends, you are not a badass
Reply:I think it is an attitude of rebellion. Except when a man wears socks with sandals or flipflops. Then it's just something the poor thing can't help!
Reply:No... they just feel like wearing it cause its hot outside.
Reply:hahaha, office space is a sweet movie. but no, it doesn't mean anything like that. It means you like sandals! Guys who wear flipflops... thats weird to me. I suggest not doing that ; )
Reply:i think it looks cute especially during summer. people hardly see the guys feet open so this is the chance coz its summer and personally i find it hot. i even got a pair 4 my b/f


dont wear them in the office. its not that u r badass or anything its just that it doesnt agree with the office environment. it looks out of place.

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Should there be a law against people wearing sandals with socks?

I live in southern CA, so people wear sandals all year round. I am one of them, but I never wear socks. I think wearing socks with sandals is gross, I dont know why people do it, especially in the summer when its hot out. There should be a law stating sandals are for barefeet only!

Should there be a law against people wearing sandals with socks?
Yes, it is gross.
Reply:its like saying candies are for kids only...
Reply:people that wear sandals without socks are soooo gross...all that sweat soaked leather stinking up the place...ugly gnarled toenails sticking out for everyone to see....sooooo tacky!!!
Reply:OMG yea i been waiting for someone to say something about that

I thought i was the only one thinking that
Reply:It would be nice to have a law like that. Socks defeat the whole purpose of wearing sandals in the first place. If a person wants to wear socks with sandals, then the socks should have lace around the tops of them, because only girls wear socks with sandals around here.

Another thing I can't stand, females wearing tennis shoes or work boots with a dress or skirt on.
Reply:Or wear a tie without a shirt? Yes, there should be a law against that.
Reply:lol.good one:)
Reply:lol okay...
Reply:Yup I agree

It looks so stupid.
Reply:That is the truth too. I live in Florida and I wear flip flops all the time unless I'm going to work. I think the only people around here that I see wearing them are tourist. They need to leave their style at their house before they come to someone else's state. Northerners do it also.
Reply:i live in central florida, i too thought there should be a law against it..... until i began working in a dentist office with a large percentage of "snow bird", or elderly patients. i would much rather see them wear socks with sandals then to see their dry, scaly, cracked, unmoisturized, ingrown, lack of circulation feet!!! just something to think about!
Reply:I wouldn't go as far as making it a law, but people should have better tastes and know it looks bad/weird and it's more comfortable to wear no socks when wearing sandals. Perhaps they are trying to hide their ugly feet!
Reply:Yeah I agree. The only case I could see it working is.... In cali a lot of people wear toe socks with flip flops and i think it looks cute.


Flip flops or sandals?

I live in the south where it is nearly 100 all summer long, so should I wear flip flops or sandals? Which look better, and which brands?

Flip flops or sandals?
Neither. Horrible.

Sandals: men should not show their feet.

Flip Flops: the name says it all. YUK.
Reply:For men?..sandals.
Reply:Ok, even though I am a chick with a chick answer... Walmart and Dollar General has flip flops from $1 to like $4. I bought numerous pairs, since they're so cheap, to wear different colors with different clothes and when they look worn you don't feel guilty about throwing out a pair of $3 shoes. I also learned the more expensive ones wear no better than the cheap ones. I paid like $8 last year at WalGreens for a pair of rubber flip flops, the kind WalMart sells for like $3 and two weeks later they rubber piece between the toe on one had already broken.
Reply:flip flops can cause foot problems so wear sandals. any brand is okay.
Reply:i dont know what brand but i would have to say to go with flip flops
Reply:flip flops and to tell you the best ones and the cheapest is at old naive.

Reply:Hollister flip flops =]
Reply:Sandals!?! You're A Guy Aren't You?? Now This Is Just ME!!! As Far As Flip-Flops, Females Are The Ones That Flip-Flops Are Made For!! I Know There Are Some "Guy" Flip-Flops, But NO!!! Don't Buy Them.

As Far As Sandals, I Wear Sandals WITH Socks!! I Feel Weird Wearing Them Without Any Socks!!! But Then Again I Wear Socks ALL The TIME!! (Except When When I'm In The Shower, Of Course!! I Just Think It's "Not Right" When I See Guys Wearing Flip-Flops With Or Without Socks. And I Mean The "Ankle" Socks. I Just Think That Guys Shouldn't Have Any "Open Toes" Type Of Footwear!! Wether It's Sandals, Flip-Flops, Whatever!!!

So Go With Sandals And Make Sure They're Nike!!!! And Wear Socks With Them!!
Reply:I prefer Teva Sandals, FOr me it is more comfortable, and the sandals stay on my feet, and don't slip off like flip flops do. But I wear sandals a lot and love wearing them.
Reply:Wear leather Rainbow sandals they're the best and they last forever.
Reply:flip flops
Reply:flip flors what else
Reply:flip-flops, old navy!!!
Reply:sandals are the way to go and they are better for your feet in the end.
Reply:Flip-flops! They are cuter and keep your feet cooler and less sweaty than sandals. If you're a guy (and they have cute ones for girls, also), check out the ones from Old Navy. They are cheap, durable, and come in a wide variety of colors. If you're a girl, look into the Old Navy ones, too, but For Love 21 has CUTE pairs of flip flops for $6 or $7. They have girly designs and matching bags. %26lt;3
Reply:plain flip flops-most wear old navy brand

I live in south florida too and we make fun of people who wear sandals (sorry)
Reply:have you seen Vans flip flops. if your lookin 2 get agirl [or just look cute] wear flip flops but not if you have icky feet and remember NO SOCKS WITH SANDALS!
Reply:flip flops - american eagle
Reply:You should wear flip~flops!They are way more comfy than sandals.
Reply:your a guy so i suggest sandles for around town and flip flops for the beach!
Reply:from experience, flip flops don't look as good as everybody thinks if your flat footed. take into consideration your foot, find somethng thgat works for you. there are some manly sandals out there that aren't really bulky and cumbersome. you just have to look. i prefer sandals...but mght just be me.
Reply:I prefer to wear flip flops. I love sandals but flip flops are easier. And about the brand, I never look at brands when buying sandals/flip flops that is the one area I am practical about because living in California you don't want a pair that breaks after a week. I look more for the quality, I like the Abricrobie flip flops.
Reply:You're like a dude right? So ok for hanging out w friends and NOT on the beach def sandals, and you shld wear birkenstocks!! They are absolutely the best. To the like beach and stuff def flip flops. Go get leather base though, cos in my experience, the rubber or plastic ones tend to hurt when they get sandy and wet...they rub your feet raw!! I would suggest Australian surf brands? Like Ripcurl, Quicksilver etc. etc.
Reply:neither one look better...they`re both ugly!!!
Reply:flip flops...they are good for your feet at high temperatures,....and are comfortable also. Try looking at Reef flip flops. It's sturdy and quite fashionable also
Reply:Flip flops!

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What kind of sandals/shoes should I wear for traveling in Guatemala?

I figured for day time I can go with a heavy duty pair of sandals or some breatheable shoes that you don't have to wear socks with. But I'm not sure what I can wear for at night. I'd like something with a heel because I'll be going out, but is that practical? I have a feeling we will do a lot of walking around. What about a wedge?

What kind of sandals/shoes should I wear for traveling in Guatemala?
This answer, from a MALE perspective should prove to more helpful. The bottom line is to be COMFORTABLE. Are you walking around a lot? Sandals should be fine. Understand that the older parts of Guatemala have cobblestone roads and sidewalks, so spike heels are obviously not an option. In the bigger cities, you see sidewalks like here, so good athletic shoes are fine in these areas. Like you said, breathable shoes should work most anywhere. Wear the nicer shoes in the nightclubs and such when you go out at night.

My old girlfriend used to carry the "nice" shoes in her backpack, and when we arrived at our night-time destination she would change into them. When we had to walk back to the hotel after an evening out, the comfortable shoes came out and the nicer ones went into the backpack. This will not be seen as unusual at all, as that is what the locals do.

Generic instructions here, to be sure, but it really depends on what areas you will be visiting while in Guatemala. Do not go out alone, take someone with you, as the streets are not as safe there as they used to be. Have fun!
Reply:Wear whatever you wear at home. Its not like Guatemala is another planet.
Reply:For the day, wear anything that is comfortable because you will probably do a lot of walking. At night, just wear whatever heels you wear at home! I just don't think you should wear stilettos or anything like that because there are certain towns where you do have to walk a bit to get to clubs and restaurants. A nice pair of flats would be my choice.
Reply:Wear something thats comfortable
Reply:forget wear, don't bring at all as you will find lots of beautiful thing such as sandals (real leather sandals) when you get there and all hand made


What company do you think makes the best sandals?

I would like to know what company makes the best and most comfortable sandals. This can be casual sandals such as Dr Marten's and BIrkenstocks, or sport sandals such as Nike and TEvas.

What company do you think makes the best sandals?
Dr Martens. I won't wear anything else. People think they are heavy but you have to know how to walk in them. They will last for years.
Reply:Dr. Marten's!! I used to bartend and would work very long hours on my feet. My Doc's were the only shoe I had that kept my feet and my legs from cramping. They also last for years. Best pair of shoes I've ever invested in.
Reply:I would not buy Docs. I bought a pair of Doc Martens and they lasted less than a year before falling apart. 120 bucks for a pair of sandals that were outlived by sandals from Payless. I still have Payless sandals that are about 5 years old. I know Birkenstocks are very high quality. Nike is OK, and I'm not sure about Tevas.
Reply:Birkenstock- they mold to your feet.
Reply:Merrells...nothing better!!!! I guarentee it.
Reply:I like rebok and nike their are the best and comfy!!!!
Reply:i have two pair of reef sandals.... love them both.... so much more comfy than rainbows.
Reply:I just bought some leather Quicksilver flipflops and they are so comfortable, I sleep with them.
Reply:Reef makes the most awesome flip flops.....they have a bottle opener in the sole of the sandal !
Reply:birkenstocks... toe bar
Reply:Laguna(available at Wal-Mart)
Reply:As a person who has a left-foot problem (bunion, hammer toe and a condition called pronation for which I'm always supposed to wear orthotics, but don't), I find Dr. Scholl's to be the most confortable. They come in half sizes and wide widths and have what is called "Double Air-Pillo" cushioning and I can feel the difference over other brands. They're not the cheapest but not the most expensive either and are availabe in catalogs by mail or on line as well as in shoe stores.
Reply:Sandals are gay..

but I would def. choose a nice pair of deck flip flops over sandals

Reply:Berkenstock's(I think I spelt it write!@#$#?)
Reply:i have a rare pair of oakley sandals.... they are the most comfortable I have ever owned..

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Do tan colored sandals get dirty easily? or should i get a dark colored one?

do you think it's too light of a color? i think when i wear them, i would be wearing shorts with a white tshirt.

tan or darker colored reef sandals??

Do tan colored sandals get dirty easily? or should i get a dark colored one?
try dark because tan can get dirty fast.
Reply:Dark colored ones please or tan ones!
Reply:It kinda depends on where you live, but I's say DARK!
Reply:it definatly depends on where your going to be wearing them... if your in a dusty or dirty area where theres a lot of dirt that can be picked up if you walk.. then maybe you should get a dark color.. but if your just like walking on a cement floor.. or you know somewhere not dirty or too outdoorsy nature place. then you should be fine.. ..

What color shorts are you going to wear??. if tan then get tan sandals if blue jeans shorts then use black black and white go oddly enough good together. so it depends on alot.. but good luck!!


Is food at Sandals as good as the food on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

We LOVED the food on our cruise and want to go on another vacation but the food is very important to us. Is the food at Sandals as good as the food on Royal caribbean?

Is food at Sandals as good as the food on a Royal Caribbean cruise?
The food is much better at a Sandals property. Plus the drinks are included in the all-inclusive price.

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